The Music

Horn Factory

The Music

We play a wide range of contemporary big band jazz music from composers including Buddy Rich, Bob Mintzer, James Morrison, Sammy Nestico and Gordon Goodwin among others. We also play big arrangements of music normally associated with smaller groups, including music from the likes of Chick Corea and Horace Silver. Most of the charts have been composed in the last 15 years, bringing the big band genre right up to date with music that absolutely crackles with energy.

You can listen to a small sample below, or see behind the scenes at one of our recent rehearsals. Even better, why not see us perform live at an upcoming event!

Horn Factory Rehearsal

Want to take a peek behind the scenes of Horn Factory? Check out this video showing one of our rehearsals with band leader Bob Airzee putting us through our paces on some of our latest numbers.

Calling All Jazz Composers / Arrangers

If you are a jazz composer and would like to write for Horn Factory, leave a contact via email and we can discuss what the line up (and versatility) of the band is! Maybe you have some charts to trade? If so, please get in touch!

Dance Bands and Small Group Jazz

If you want a high quality Swing or Dance band for that 40’s Nite or Lindy Hop you’re planning, then please look on the Ipswich based Swing Machine or, Newmarket based Galaxy Big Band.

If you’re looking for a small jazz band (4/5 piece), then look at The Breezers, a group made up from members of Horn Factory.